‘Special Offers’

Wellness At Work

Troubled by an uncomfortable work environment?

Can’t concentrate?
Chair uncomfortable?
Eyes blurred?
Lighting too dim? Too bright?
Back aching? Wrists hurt?
Falling asleep on your desk at 3 pm?
You might need an Ergo Wake-Up!

Using recommendations from OSHA* we will conduct a 7 point review of your workspace and show you how to achieve the optimum work environment which can contribute to increased productivity, job satisfaction and a healthier, happier you.

This evaluation offers both immediate recommendations and a plan for future implementation for only $89**

Special “Wellness at Work” offer

Contact us for more information at:
313-881-5655 or info@latchadesign.com

**Rates: $89 for 1-3 associates, $149 for 4 – 6 associates. Special rates available over 12.
*OSHA: Occupational & Safety Health Organization, US Department of Labor