Your daily environment effects the way you feel and plays a major role in your overall health.

Troubled by an uncomfortable work environment?

Your back, neck, legs, arms, eyes, and even your mood are directly effected by your day-to-day tasks and the space that surrounds you—both in the workplace and at home.

Our company provides innovative, comfortable environments with an emphasis on productivity, safety, aesthetics, and healthy spaces to work and play.

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Space Planning

Space PlanningOur core regimen for diagnosing, planning, designing and rehabilitating your workspace.

Functionality Training

Functionality TrainingWe offer functionality training sessions to educate about increasing productivity.


icon_workspace1We create environments that project the desired corporate image and promote productivity within established budgets.


icon_workspace2Our team identifies the effective uses of colors and textures to satisfy the desired feel and individual functions for each client.

If you have problems in any of these areas, let Latcha Design Group help you find the right solutions for you.