Troubled by an uncomfortable work environment?

Can’t concentrate?
Chair uncomfortable?
Eyes blurred?
Lighting too dim? Too bright?
Back aching? Wrists hurt?
Falling asleep on your desk at 3 pm?
You might need an Ergo Wake-Up!

Using recommendations from OSHA* we will conduct a 7 point review of your workspace and show you how to achieve the optimum work environment which can contribute to increased productivity, job satisfaction and a healthier, happier you.

This evaluation offers both immediate recommendations and a plan for future implementation for only $89**

Special “Wellness at Work” offer

Contact us for more information at:
313-881-5655 or

**Rates: $89 for 1-3 associates, $149 for 4 – 6 associates. Special rates available over 12.
*OSHA: Occupational & Safety Health Organization, US Department of Labor