Home Office

You may be hard at work in your home office,
but is your office working for you?
Create a practical, pleasing office at home.

Jeanine Matlow, a design writer for the Detroit News interviewed us on the best way to design a home office whether you are downsizing from corporate, beginning a new home business venture or finding a space for the family computer.

For Steve and Marcia Sholty of Grosse Pointe, the designer turned a former nursery into a wonderful workspace for two. The configuration suits the small setting, where soothing blue walls contrast with light maple furniture. File cabinets on wheels offer flexibility, while a small TV fits perfectly in the center of the desk. A variety of task lighting is part of any good office plan, Latcha says. Steve’s chair features a higher back because of the amount of usage. “The first day he went to work in the new chair and took a break, he realized four hours had gone by,” Latcha says.

As to where your office should be situated, she says: “Ideally, you want to use a space where there isn’t a lot of traffic. If possible, you want to be able to close a door to minimize distractions.” On the other hand, Latcha says anything from a walk-in closet to a large pantry can become a home office. “Many people have living rooms they don’t really use,” says the designer, who suggests dividing a main area with draperies or finding a corner in the kitchen, if that works best for you and your family.

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